Public Transportations

There are several public transportation in Yogyakarta, such as:

  • Pedicab
    Pedicab or becak can be found almost anywhere. This is non-motorized public transport, althougt, several pedicab has been modified using motorized.If you plan to have short and relaxing trip, try using this public transport.
  • Busses
    This public transportation also available for you to reach destination around Yogyakarta.
  • Trans Jogja
    Similar with busses, this public transport also have routes which cover Yogyakarta. The different is this public transport has comfortable environment and cheap also. It's strongly recommended for foreigner who want to trip around Yogyakarta.
  • Taxi
    You can find many taxis almost everywhere. There are 2 types of taxi's car, the sedan type (which only consist of maximum 4 passengers), and MPV type (consist of maximum 8 passengers).
  • Taxi motorcycle
    This public transport also known as Ojek. You can find it in railway station, bus terminal, and at some points near road junction, or you can install GoJek apps from iOS or Android to find online Ojek driver.