Call for Winter Course 2017 on Oncology

Cancer is a multidisciplinary disease. The usual medical graduation program has the knowledge about oncology scattered all over the curriculum, thereby losing its focus and usefulness. To overcome this deficit in curriculum a comprehensive educational program is designed for the medial student, where the multidisciplinary nature of cancer is taken into consideration.

A limelight of the 2017 International Winter Course on Oncology is a blended learning program at Faculty of Medicine Universtas Gadjah Mada (FK UGM), which is comprised of observership clinical elective at Dr. Sardjito Hospital as a teaching hospital of FK UGM, and hands on training at the laboratory. Compared with the developed countries, Yogyakarta Indonesia, which has a high incidence cancer at the late stage is totally different in a cancer oncology management with different setting of health care system. THere will be specifica cases that cannot be found in other countries, thus it would be a value added for international students.


  1. Breast, NPC & Cervical Cancer
  2. Pediatric Solid tumor
  3. Hematopoetic malignancies
  4. Lung Cancer
  5. Liver malignancy
  6. Colorectal Cancer
  7. Rehabilitation Palliative Care
  8. Targeted Therapy, tobacco cessation, rehabilitation, follow up

Agenda (Tentative)

Januari 16-18
Introduction to general principles of oncology, the various tumor types including general anatomy, physiology, diagnosis, and management of surgery and medical.

Januari 19-26
On January 19, 20, 23, students are going to join in clinical course for bedside teaching and case discussion. Then for the next three days (24-26), students will attach at the laboratory for hands on training.

January 27
On the last day, students will have to deliver poster presentation. Then for the rest of two weeks to fulfill a requirement for 4 weeks internship, students are able to continue internship/elective program in related clinical department.


  • Transferable course credit
  • Best practices on cancer oncology through multidisciplinary approach model by the international experts consisting of clincians, scientists, and researchers
  • Clinical experiences & hands on training
  • Social, leisure activities and cultural events
  • Certificate


For international students:

  • Dean's recommendation
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • A copy of passport (ID page only)
  • A copy of international student health insurance (optional but strongly recommended)

How to apply

October - December 2016 (deadline December 31, 2016)
Online application:


International students : USD 400
Indonesian students: IDR 3.000.000


Winter Course 2016 Poster